Clean jewelry: Clean with aluminum foil

    In this guide, you can think of the salt and aluminum foil as a magnet.
    Salt and aluminum pull the plaque and discoloration off your jewelry.
    As an effect, you will notice that the aluminum foil is black and your jewelry silver shines again.

    Estimated time: 15 minutes

    For this you need the following tools






    polishing cloth

    Step 1:

    • Take a bowl of aluminum foil and fill it with hot water
    • Add a teaspoon of salt afterwards
    • Put your silver jewelry inside
    Effect: The aluminum foil turns black and your jewelry turns silver again.

    Step 2:

    • Take out your jewelry and let it cool
    • Now take a dry, lint-free cloth and dry your jewellery

    Step 3:

    • Polish your jewelry using a polishing cloth

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